Turn Your Temp-Work into a Permanent Job

If you are currently working in a temporary position, don’t feel as if it is the equivalent of going nowhere. Many temporary positions lead onto permanent work, and also many companies like to use agency staff if they haven’t yet found their ideal employee for a certain position. Working as a temp can be the perfect opportunity for you to show your skills, network, and land that permanent job. Here are some tips to help you turn your temping work into a proper steady job;

Join the right agency

It is important to join a temping agency that is within your field of expertise. Temping isn’t just for office work, call centres, receptionists and so on. If you want to work in the beauty industry for example, choose an agency that has good connections with salon and spa companies, and likewise if you are looking to progress within IT, health or educational fields.

Understand the job role

If you are hoping to get a full-time contract then make this clear with your agency and aim for temporary positions that are likely to lead to this. Many employers will actually hire temporary staff with the potential to go permanent – you should make sure these are the sorts of roles you are applying for. Make sure that you understand the job and what is expected of your from the start, this will allow you to perform at your best and deliver exactly what is required.

Do your very best

Just because it is a temporary job, don’t be inclined to slack off or not give it your all and try your best. You don’t know who is watching your work ethic and taking note, this could be the position or the reference that leads onto that big thing you have been waiting for. Always do the best job you can do, as this will be noticed by others around you and your results will speak for themselves.

Keep an open mind

Even though you will have your dream job or ideal project in mind, don’t let this stop you from being flexible with other work. Employers want people who can work all sorts of hours, and deviate from their allocated role if need be. Be flexible and keep an open mind, and this will count as a positive toward you as an employee. Show that you are a team player, and that you can also show initiative, and this will be another way of showing your capabilities.

Use each working day wisely

Every day you are working, use it as an opportunity to show what you are capable of in the workplace. This doesn’t necessarily just mean your practical job-related knowledge and skills, but also your transferable skills such as keeping schedules, budgets, lists,etc, and also soft skills such as team playing and communication. Use each day as a way of showing what an excellent employee that you are; showing your flexibility, your hard work ethic, your skill set and willingness to learn more.

These tips will go a long way to helping you find a permanent position of employment. Temping agencies can be used as an effective stepping stone to your ideal full time job, and by following the advice in this article you will be able to see temping jobs as an opportunity to be ceased as opposed to an ‘in between jobs’ consolation.

4 thoughts on “Turn Your Temp-Work into a Permanent Job

  1. Richard on Reply

    Great article. Most of my friends are actually on temporary contracts of some kind and I wanted to share this – maybe some facebook and twitter buttons on your blog posts would be good so people can share them.

    Anyway, I like how this is looking at it all from a whole new angle, see it as a positive, make it work in your favour, sound advice.

  2. Caroline M. on Reply

    Really good article on temp work. This is really helpful for those who are looking for their ideal job and get down with just doing temp work.

  3. Jane Frome on Reply

    Great positive spin on a frustrating situation for many. Temping work is often looked down upon by others, or just not valued by the people temping themselves. Great article bringing the big picture into focus, this is exactly right on so many points.

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