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The Nail Shape Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

Welcome to The Nail Shape Quiz where you will be asked a series of multiple choice questions testing your knowledge of Nail Shapes! Share your results with friends and get published on our Leaderboard…

Feeling confident? Well good luck, we hope you NAIL IT!

1) Let's begin! Is this Nail Shape...
Nail Shape 1

2) On to the next! Is this Nail Shape...
Nail Shape 2

3) And.. Is this Nail Shape...
Nail Shape 3

4) Still feeling confident? Is this Nail Shape...
Nail Shape 4

5) So.. Is this Nail Shape...
Nail Shape 5

6) Almost there! Is this Nail Shape...
Nail Shape 6

7) And Finally.. Is this Nail Shape...
Nail Shape 7

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1st place: d;fkLJ - 100%
2nd place: blitz - 100%
3rd place: Hailey - 100%
4th place: Tamia - 100%
5th place: 14hyq4uwt - 100%

8 thoughts on “The Nail Shape Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

  1. Rose on Reply

    Yay! I made 100%! Fun quiz, I hope you post more. I even learned a little something too, as I didn’t know two of these and just made good guesses :)

  2. Allie on Reply

    7 out of 7! I’m glad I aced this otherwise I wouldn’t feel proud to call myself a nail technician! I find that perhaps 85% of my clients want rounded or squared oval nails, a true square is popular with another 10% or so, then there are the few who love crazy-long stiletto nails (why is it always that the people who love unusually long nails also love the most elaborate and “blingy” nail art? Scientists should study it…) I prefer the classic round and squared oval looks myself, less likely to damage or break the nails too.

    I did have a teacher who said each client’s ideal nail shape should mirror the shape of their nail bed, but in my case that would result in an almond shape, which I really don’t like at all on my fingers. I don’t think that was great advice… I certainly don’t follow it!

  3. Rose on Reply

    I’m a nail tech too, and I’m yet to have anyone ask for the ballerina. Most of my customers want round, squared oval or square. I keep my own nails square because they seem to stand up to the beating they take in the salon so much better than when I round them.

  4. Whitney on Reply

    Fun! I made 100% but I was guessing on a few! I’m familiar with the basic square, oval, and squoval (lol, haven’t seen that name before) shapes but I’d like to learn how to make stiletto and ballerina, those are new to me.

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