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Surprising Manicure Trends – Sushi Nail Art

Following one of the latest beauty trends to come out of Japan, you can now create nail art to depict your favourite Sushi roll!

Whilst we pause to consider who would wear their much loved salmon caviar on their fingertips, this trend appears to have become quite a hit in Japan’s social media market with over 10,000 image retweets on Twitter in just three days.

Whether you are feeling inspired or simply fascinated, feast your eyes on these images of designs, nail wraps, and 3D nail art illustrating your sushi plate favourites including tuna, shrimp, egg roll, octopus and more!

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4 thoughts on “Surprising Manicure Trends – Sushi Nail Art

  1. Alla on Reply

    These are so fanciful and funny! Not sure if I would be able to wear some of the heavier ones – maybe to a sushi party :) The photographic wraps and painted graphics look pretty wearable though.

  2. Amy on Reply

    I love the creativity! I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to rock these, though… I can’t imagine how long it took to do those nails. I can handle about a half hour at the salon to get my gels, then I need fresh air… this looks like it took all day!

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