Nail Art Video Tutorial – Sunset Gradient

Gradient is one of the absolute staple designs in the nail art world. In short, it creates the illusion of a colour fade. It’s very effective and I’ve put together a video tutorial to show you how I achieved this look. Enjoy!


To create this sunset gradient design you will need a make up sponge, a red, orange, yellow and white nail polish, a clean up brush and a glossy top coat.


Paint a coat of white polish on and wait for it to dry completely. Apply the yellow, orange and red polishes on your sponge, one under the other, overlapping them slightly. Sponge the colours on all of your nails and keep repeating the process until you get the desired opacity. Clean up your cuticles and apply a top coat.

5 thoughts on “Nail Art Video Tutorial – Sunset Gradient

  1. Tanya at Talons on Reply

    Well done on a great effect without the airbrush! This looks brilliant, I’d never have guessed it was achieved with a sponge. Love the shades of polish too, lovely.

  2. Amy on Reply

    Oh I like this very much FF. Very slick and professional. It’s really modern and funky too, look forward to trying this one out. Is there any tips for getting two colours to go together, or do any 2 shades work well?

    1. Furious Filer
      Furious Filer on Reply

      Hi Amy,

      Thank you! Personally I think it’s easier to blend similar shades but pretty much any colours work well if you blend then enough times. Overlapping the colours on the sponge should help too. :)

      1. Amy on Reply

        Hey Furious Filler, sorry, not been on the blog for a while, loving the new designs by the way, and thanks very much for the tips on the gradient technique, I have practiced this and getting quite flawless results.

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