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Nail Art Tutorial – Winter Icicles

You might have been so absorbed in the Christmas craziness that you haven’t noticed the first day of winter has come and gone. No worries! Winter landscapes are absolutely stunning, just look outside your window to find…. daffodils in bloom? Ok, so this year winter is clearly slacking a little bit, at least in my part of the country. I absolutely love snow so if winter is not cooperating, I’m creating my own winter scenery on my nails!

For this design I was inspired by the icicles hanging from a roof on a chilly day. I also added a bit of sparkle because, let’s not forget, the party season is in full swing! To recreate this design all you need is a silver polish, a few shades of blue and a striping brush. It can be achieved in 6 easy steps so let’s have a look!

step 1 2

1. Start with a layer of your favourite base coat followed by a coat of white polish (Barry M Cotton). Wait for it to dry completely.

2. Using a light blue polish such as Maybelline Uptown Blue and a striping brush, create an outline for where you want to add your strip of colour.

TIP: Creating an outline for each strip of colour will help you visualise where you want to place each colour on your nail. That way you will be able to add all the shades of your choosing without running out of space on your nail!

step 3 4

3. Fill in the outline with the same blue shade.

4. Repeat steps 2. and 3. using a darker blue polish such as Rimmel Loafer Love for You.

step 5 6

5. Add your final shade of blue (Sally Hansen Babe Blue) leaving just a few wisps of the white background.

6. Separate each wave using a silver polish such as Ciate Fit for a Queen and a striping brush.

final winter icicles tutorial

All you need to do next is add a layer of top coat and you’re done! I think this design is quite sophisticated and a nice alternative to Christmas nails. You may be rocking festive colours and patterns during this time of year but sometimes it’s nice to have a little break. Only a little one though because, who am I kidding, I love festive designs, gimmicks and all!

What do you think of my icicle inspired nails? Share your thought by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Caroline M. on Reply

    Another fantastic tutorial! I really like these icicle nails FF. I have some blue in my collection and to be honest I have been uninspired by blue nails lately – going to try this now!

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