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Nail Art Tutorial – Valentine’s Day Patchwork

Every year Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity for nail art lovers to have some fun. If you are into pink and cute designs, now is the perfect time to whip them out! If pink is not your thing but you still want something eye-catching for Valentine’s Day why not try a patchwork design? That way you can create your own patterns and add colours that you like but still keep it sweet! I have created an easy to follow step by step tutorial to get your nails on point for the big day.

To achieve this look you will need:

  • a red, black, white, grey, light pink and dark pink nail polish
  • a dotting tool
  • a striping brush
  • a matte top coat

If you have all your tools, let’s get started!

valentines step 1 2

1. Apply your favourite base coat followed by two layers of a light grey polish (Miss Sporty 5209).

2. Start creating your patchwork. Take a red polish (Rimmel Double Decker Red) and a detail brush and draw heart shapes on your index and ring finger. Create geometric shapes on your ring and middle finger using a white polish (Collection French White) and a striping brush. Add a light pink square on your middle finger.

valentines step 3 4

3. Let’s draw some patterns! Pick up your dotting tool and a red polish (Rimmel Double Decker Red) and draw hearts on the light pink patch on your middle finger. Keep hold of your dotting tool and apply a few dots within your larger heart shapes using a white polish (Collection French White). Apply a few more dots on the tip of your middle finger using a pink shade (Miss Sporty 4252). With the same polish and a striping brush draw a grid design on the white patch on your ring finger.

4. Outline your shapes with a black polish (True Brit Taxi Cab) and a striping brush.

valentines 5 6

5. Take a striping brush along with a black polish (True Brit Taxi Cab) and create the stitches that surround your patchwork.

6. To smooth the design out apply a layer of fast drying glossy top coat (Glisten & Glow HK Girl). Once your nails are dry apply a matte top coat (Barry M Matte Top Coat).

valentines tutorial final

Here’s another look at the finished design. I absolutely love this look! It has elements of Valentine’s Day themes but it’s not too sweet and over the top. I love how the matte top coat gives it a soft, cosy finish! What do you think? Will you give these a go this Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Amy on Reply

    Awwww!!! This is adorable! I mean I am in love with this design!

    This would be lovely in summer with some jeans, white T-shirt and flip flops. Very quirky and very me, gotta give this one a try.

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