nail art tutorial spring florals

Nail Art Tutorial – Spring Florals

Spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with a floral manicure? Painting flowers can be tricky and time consuming with all the shading involved which is why I decided to go for an easier alternative, daisies. I am no expert in painting flowers but daisies can be created in seconds with just a few brush strokes! I paired them with a few soft shades to create a design that can be achieved in 6 easy steps.

You will need:

  • a few pastel shades such as green and purple
  • a white, purple and yellow polish
  • a dotting tool
  • a detail brush
  • a top coat

nail art tutorial step one and two

1. Start with a layer of your favourite top coat. Apply two layers of a light purple shade (Winkel Light Lavender) on your index and middle finger. Apply two coats of a mint green polish (Ciate Pepperminty) on your ring finger.

2. Using a detail brush and a white polish (Barry M Cotton) start painting your daisies. Create a few on your middle and index finger and one at the top of your ring finger.

nail art tutorial step three and four

3. Scatter a few more flowers and fill them in with more petals.

4. With your detail brush still in hand draw a few leaf branches (Ciate Pepperminty).

nail art tutorial step five and six

5. Using OPI I Manicure for Beads and a dotting tool apply a few dots around your flowers creating curved lines.

6. Keep hold of your dotting tool and apply one dot in the centre of each daisy. I used Nails Inc Seven Dials. Seal in your design with a layer of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.


Here’s another look at my design. What do you think about this floral manicure? I am so ready for Spring and switching to a more pastel palette.

2 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial – Spring Florals

  1. Holly on Reply

    These pastel shades are beautiful, I want them all!!!

    I love the variations on the same theme, it is such a cute design. I always get inspiration when I visit the blog, and end up with many new additions to my wish list too!

    Seriously need some of them pastel shades – in love with the blue and lilac!

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