speckled egg tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial – Speckled Egg

I don’t know about you but I’m not into the usual bunnies and chicks nail art this Spring. However, Easter is just around the corner and there’s no way I’m missing the chance to play with some Easter inspired designs. After all, we only get a chance to do it once a year! This time I decided to go for simple speckled egg nails. They are really quick to do and you can create this look in 4 easy steps! Let’s have a look.

speckled egg nail art

You will need:

  • a few pastel shades, such as green, pink and yellow
  • a grey and black polish
  • a fan brush
  • a matte and glossy top coat

nail art steps

1. Start with a layer of your favourite base coat. Apply 2 layers of a pastel green polish such as Maybelline Mint to Be.

2. Spread a bit of grey polish (Barry M Chai) on a piece of paper and dip in your fan brush. Keeping the brush perpendicular to you nail gently dab the polish all over the nail.

3. Using the same technique described in the previous step, apply a few spots of MoYou Black Stamping polish over your nail.

4. Wait for your specks to dry (to avoid smudges) and apply a fast drying glossy top coat. This will help to smooth out your design. I used Glisten&Glow HK Girl. Once your top coat is dry mattify your nails with a layer of Barry M matte top coat.

easter special nail art final

How easy was that? The pink and yellow polishes I used for the rest of my design were NYC Melon Milkshake and New York Spring. You can also skip the last step and keep the design glossy for a more sophisticated look. I think this design works perfectly for the upcoming Easter holidays and it would look great on ladies of all ages. What do you think about it? Will you give it a go this Easter?

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  1. Fiona wells on Reply

    This one really caught my eye so I tried it out but with a pastel lilac base. The steps really helped me out so thanks!

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