Sheer Dotticure Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial – Sheer Dotticure

Have you ever tried a sheer nail polish? I have to admit at first I wasn’t all that excited about it. I mean, what is the point of a colour that’s very translucent and just barely there? But then I came across one of OPI Sheer Tint polishes on sale and decided to finally give it a go. Best decision ever!

This type of polish comes under many names such as sheer, tint, jelly and watercolour. Whatever you choose to call the polish, one thing for certain is that it’s amazing for creating nail art! I decided to base today’s design on the sheer black patterned hosiery I spotted while I was rummaging through January sales.

Sheer Black Polish

If you don’t own a black sheer polish, don’t worry you can easily make your own DIY version. All you need is a bottle of cheap clear polish (MUA Clear Top Coat) and black polish (Rimmel Black Out). Add a few drops of black polish to the bottle with clear polish and shake well. Ta dah! You’ve just created your own black tint nail varnish.

Aside from the sheer polish you will also need a dotting tool and a striping brush to create this look. Let’s get started!

nail art tutorial steps

1. Apply your favourite base coat followed by a few coats of sheer polish. I applied three layers.

TIP: Sometimes tinted polishes can look streaky. Wait a good few minutes in between layers to avoid smudges.

2. Start creating an outline. Using a black polish (Rimmel Black Out) and a striping brush, draw lines down the sides of your nail.

3. Finish the outline by connecting the lines at the top and bottom of your nail.

4. Add dots on your entire nail using a dotting tool and finish the design off with 1-2 layers of top coat (Glisten & Glow HK Girl).

Sheen Dotticure final image

Here’s another look at the finished design. There’s just something about the black sheer effect that made me feel so chic! Of course, you can create this look with just about any jelly shade. However, creating your own tinted polish at first makes it easier (and cheaper) for you to decide whether this nail art trend is for you.

What do you think of this kind of design? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

4 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial – Sheer Dotticure

  1. Selena Harry on Reply

    I have always thought about sheer nail polish as a bit blah and pointless but this nail art brings on a whole new perspective! I love it and will definitely give it a try :-)

  2. Tanya at Talons on Reply

    All I can say is Wow! Why haven’t I thought of this??

    This is so sexy, like sheer stockings, I absolutely LOVE it.

    I think the black is stunning, interested to see how other colours would look. I think if done well they would work just as well. This is why I love this blog!

  3. Amy on Reply

    I have seen these new gel like polishes but haven’t tried them before. I didn’t know you could make your own in this way, nail art can be like alchemy at times, I love it.

    These black nails look stunning, the sheer is exactly like hosiery! I think this is a very sexy touch to even a conservative outfit.

  4. Danni on Reply

    I absolutely love this idea, I agree with the others, very sexy. I think black works best, but other colours could be used for a fun look.

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