Mushroom Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial – Quirky Mushroom Design

When the weather outside gets cold and dull I find myself reaching for warm, rustic colours to brighten up the day. There is something so comforting about them! Autumn, apart from unpredictable weather, is also the time we start seeing mushrooms popping up. Every year there is a batch growing outside my window… until my neighbour’s dog sniffs them out!

I attempted to combine a rustic feel with the mushroom design and came up with this quirky little number that you can do yourself using this simple 9 step tutorial!

To achieve this look you will need:

  •  a detail brush
  • a few earthy colours such as green, grey and beige
  •  a matte top coat

Now that you have all your essentials let’s get started!

Nail Art Steps

1. Apply your favourite base coat followed by two layers of rich green polish. I chose Barry M Cardamom.

2. Using a detail brush draw thin mushroom stems. An opaque polish works best. I used Barry M Cotton.

3. Draw a mushroom’s head.

TIP: To get the appearance of fanned out ends wipe any excess polish off your detail brush. Continue until you achieve the right coverage.

4. Repeat the same process on every stem.

5. Let’s start colouring in the mushroom! Apply beige polish using your detail brush. I used Barry M Lychee.

6. Repeat the process on every mushroom.

7. Add a splash of grey polish on top (Barry M Chai)

TIP: If you apply too much you can easily correct it by adding a few strokes of beige polish again.

8. Using a light green polish (Ciate Apple & Custard) apply a thin line by the mushrooms stems to help the design appear less flat.

9. Apply a matte top coat (Barry M).

And that’s it! Here is what the result looks like up close.

Nail Art Close up

What do you think about my Mushroom tutorial? Do you think you will give this design a go this Autumn? You might want to hurry, you never know when the snow may fall and all the festive craziness will take over the nail community!

Nail Art Tutorial Mushrooms

3 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial – Quirky Mushroom Design

  1. Debs on Reply

    These are cute! Thanks for the tutorial FF, you make it look so easy. I think I could just about manage this actually! I think it would look fab in pinks.

  2. Sammy's Nails on Reply

    This is such a great little tutorial. It shows people how easy it can be to paint designs on nails if you follow step by step. These mushrooms are a great quirky look, I will be adding these to my ideas book, thanks girls.

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