Nail Art Tutorial – Pantone

Every year Pantone releases a shade that is considered the hottest colour for the year ahead. This year, Pantone released 2 colours as opposed to the usual one, but hey, that means more fun for nail enthusiasts! I decided to use both, Serenity (light blue) and Rose Quartz (light pink) in a sweet floral design but I added a negative space element for a bit of edge. This design can be created in 5 easy steps. Let’s have a look.

To create this design you will need:

  • Dusty pink, gold, light and dark blue polishes
  • Straight vinyls or a striping brush
  • Dotting tool
  • Top coat
  • Untitled6

    Step 1. Apply straight vinyls across your nail leaving even spaces in between. Make sure they are pressed well against your nail. Alternatively, use a striper brush to paint even stripes and skip to step 3.

    Step 2. Apply pink polish over your vinyls and remove them immediately to reveal a striped pattern. I used OPI Hawaiian Orchid.

    TIP: To make sure your polish doesn’t seep under your vinyls, apply it from side to side as opposed to from top to the bottom of your nail.

    Step 3. Using a dotting tool and a darker blue polish (Cuccio Under the Blue Moon) create 2 flowers slightly apart from each other.

    Step 4. Using a dotting tool and a lighter blue create another 2 flowers in between the previous ones.

    Step 5. With a smaller dotting tool create golden flower middles (WetNWild Ready to Propose). Seal your design with 1-2 layers of top coat.


    Let’s have a look at the finished design. Although the Pantone colours for this year are quite delicate and cute, I think matching them with negative space makes the design a bit edgy. What do you think?

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