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Nail Art Tutorial – Negative Space

Negative space designs have been present in the nail art world for quite some time now. The whole point of it is to create a manicure that shows a little bit of your clear nail. It always makes me think of summer. It’s almost as if you want to uncover your nails just like you would your pins and arms! This is why I just couldn’t help choosing a few bright happy shades for this design.

Creating a mosaic may seem like a time consuming task but trust me, it’s very simple and you don’t have to be all that precise with it until the very last stage. It’s also a fun way to incorporate as much negative space into the design as you wish, it is totally up to you.

negative space nail art tools

To create this design you will need:

  • a peach, yellow, purple and white polish
  • a nail art pen (optional)
  • a striping brush
  • a detail brush
  • a top coat

If you have all you need let’s start with the tutorial!

negative space step one two

1. Apply your favourite base coat and wait for it to dry. Using a nail art pen such as Sally Hansen Fine White 310 start creating your mosaic. Draw a few shapes close to your cuticle line on your index fingernail and a few slightly lower down on your middle and ring fingernails.

TIP: You can substitute a nail art pen for a striping brush but a pen will make your job a lot quicker as it’s not essential to be too precise at this point.

2. Finish your mosaic on all fingers by drawing random shapes that connect.

TIP: Don’t worry about being too meticulous with your design. At this stage it’s only meant to be an outline to help you visualise how you want to distribute your colours.

negative space step three four

3. Using a detail brush fill in a few gaps with a peach colour such as Nails Inc Marylebone High Street.

4. Keep hold of your brush and colour in a few shapes using a yellow polish (Nails Inc Seven Dials).

negative space step five six

5. With your detail brush still in hand cover all the remaining clear gaps on your ring and middle finger with a glittery purple polish (Barry M Sparkling Amethyst). On your index finger leave a few shapes clear.

6. Using a striping brush and a white polish (MoYou Nails White) go over your outline to create clean lines separating your shapes. Don’t forget a top coat! I applied two layers of Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

negative space nail art tutorial final

Here is another look at the finished manicure. It makes me wish summer was here already! What do you think about my negative space design? Would you give this trend a go?

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  1. Amy on Reply

    Back to the 80’s here, or is is just the colours. I’d like to give this negative space thing a try though, it can be used in many designs.

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