metallic nail art tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial – Mixed Metallics

For many nail enthusiasts spring is the time to get their pastels out. I have used many soft shades in the past month myself but sometimes it’s nice to have a break and go for something totally different. Black nails with metallic accents, anyone? These just scream chic and opulence to me and it was such a nice change after all the cute designs I’ve done recently.

To create this look you will need:

  • grey and black polishes
  • metallic rose gold and silver polishes
  • a striping brush
  • a detail brush
  • a fast drying glossy top coat

This mixed metallics design can be achieved in 6 easy steps. If you have all your essentials, let’s get started!

six step tutorial

1. Apply your favourite base coat followed by 2 coats of a black polish (Barry M Black).

2. Using a striping brush draw a straight line through the middle of your nail. I used Models Own Chrome Rose.

3. Add slightly curved short lines on both sides of the middle stripe. I used the same metallic polish and a detail brush.

4. Grab hold of your striping brush and draw a grey line (HJ Manicure -Subzero) on both sides of your metallic pattern.

5. With your brush still in hand apply 2 silver lines (Beauty UK -Olympic Silver) on the edge of your nail, one stripe on each side.

6. Using the same silver polish add a few dashes to both metallic stripes. Finish your design off with a glossy top coat. I used HK Girl Glisten&Glow.

final metallic

Here’s another look at the finished design. I love the idea of stacking bracelets that have different metallic finishes and this was the inspiration for this nail art. I really like how the rose gold and silver metallic colours work together. What do you think about it?

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  1. Danni on Reply

    What a lovely way to wear metallics. I’m often looking for new ideas, especially for combining metallic polishes, but making them look sophisticated too, and have a fun design. This is a great example, well done.

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