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Nail Art Tutorial – Mint Flavoured Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like a refreshing ice cream when the heat wave strikes?! With that idea in mind I decided to create a quick tutorial for ice cream nails with sprinkles. It’s easy to do, eye catching, and best of all, calorie free! Let’s have a look.

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Step 1. Start with a layer of a chocolate shade such as Collection Mauve Haze.

Step 2. Using a striping brush and a nude polish (Barry M Skinny Dip) create a striped design resembling the pattern of an ice cream cone.

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Step 3. Let’s start creating ice cream drips! With a large dotting tool apply a few dots about half way through the nail. Using a dotting tool helps with the curve and flow of your drips. I’m using a green Models Own Turquoise Gloss and a white polish to help my light green shade pop (see next step).

Step 4. Using Models Own Turquoise Gloss, Serum No 5 Mint to Be and a brush of choice (I used a striping brush) create the rest of your ice cream drips.

tutorial 5 6

Step 5. Don’t forget the sprinkles! Dip a detail brush in a bright yellow shade such as Nails Inc Seven Dials and add a few dashes to your ice cream drips.

Step 6. Wait for your design to dry to avoid smudging your masterpiece and apply top coat. I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl fast drying top coat.

ice cream tutorial final

You can of course use any ‘flavour’ of the ice cream you want or add chocolate drips on top, it’s all up you and your imagination! Let’s have another look at the finished design. Will you give it a go this summer?

3 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial – Mint Flavoured Ice Cream

  1. Sharon on Reply

    A friend of mine gave me the link for your blog to show me some new nail art ideas, she says there are a lot on here that she hasn’t seen elsewhere. I like this! ice-cream, very unique!

  2. Vicky on Reply

    Amazing job Marta and these nails are so perfect for summer. I’m loving the mint theme and this would work just as well with strawberry or vanilla drips too. Love it!
    Vicky xx

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