metallic marble nail art tutorial

Nail Art Tutorial – Metallic Marble

Recently I came to a conclusion that you can never have enough nail art accessories. I live and breathe for nails, but I still seem to find designs I’d love to recreate if only I had the right tools. And that is precisely the beauty of the design I want to show you today, the only tool you need is already in you kitchen!

Cling film might have not popped into your head when you thought of nail art tools but trust me, it works! Just cut it into pieces and squash in your hands to form loose balls. You will also need a white, lilac and metallic polish, a few studs and a clean up brush.

nail art tutorial equipment

I’d recommend you make ten balls, one for each nail, to avoid getting messy. If you have all your essentials, let’s get started!

step 1 step 2

1. Start of with a layer of opaque, white polish (Barry M Cotton). Wait for it to dry completely.

2. Apply a layer of CND Westeria Haze. Leave it on for a few seconds.

step 3 step 4

3. Using one of your cling film balls gently dab the polish away.

TIP: Avoid too much dabbing, 2-3 times is usually enough. You will make this process a lot less messy if you use different side of the ball for each dab.

4. Apply a blob of metallic polish (Models Own Chrome Rose) on a piece of paper. Coat a cling film ball in it.

step 5 step 6

5. Gently dab the metallic polish on in a few places.

6. Add a few golden studs and apply top coat.

nail art tutorial

The final result is this beautiful marble effect. I decided to include a chrome polish because they have been huge this past year. It’s also a nice and effective alternative to glitter. Using cling film is one of my favourite ‘quick fix’ techniques because it’s easy and rarely goes wrong. After all the intricate festive designs it’s nice to remind yourself such things exist!

What do you think about my marble design? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

5 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial – Metallic Marble

  1. Caroline M. on Reply

    This is really effective, thanks for the tutorial – these things are often so much easier when you know the steps how! I really like the gold detail too, it really sets the small amount of gold polish off. Not seen this kind of marble effect done before.

  2. Richard on Reply

    Loving the marble effect! Gonna be trying something like this on a client at the weekend I have decided. Been looking for something a bit different as the dress style is Grecian, I think something like this is ab-so-lutely perfect!

  3. Danni on Reply

    Nice design Furious Filer, always come here for some fresh ideas. This is a nice way to add bead and detail too.

  4. link on Reply

    I spent a while last year trying to figure out a way to create the marble effect on nails that was simple, didn t require too many tools and wasn t freehanding. Of course, marble is one of mother nature s creations so I had in mind something that didn t look too thought out; a little messy and unpredictable but with that certain understated elegance. Eventually I found this solution using nothing but a nail stamper, a smooth surface, and a toothpick.

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