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Nail Art Tutorial – Leopard Print Half Moon

As a self-confessed nail addict, hardly anything makes me happier than painting nails. However recently that hasn’t been enough. Any design just won’t do, I’m in serious need of colour and oomph in my life!

This is why I decided to create a design that is super fun and bright. When the weather outside is bleak you just need something to cheer you up. I added a bit of leopard print in a half moon shape for some extra zing to help you hold on to those New Years resolutions!

models own tools

You can achieve this design in four easy steps. All you need is a bright yellow and pink polish, a black polish (Konad Black Stamping Polish) and a dotting tool. I decided to go for Models Own Polish for Tans Collection because these polishes are vibrant but creamy and don’t need a white base. Got all you need? Let’s get started then!

tutorial step one to four

1. Apply your favourite base coat followed by the brightest yellow you own. I used Sarong Wrap by Models Own.

2. Apply a few small and big dots alongside your nail using a dotting tool and pink polish (Models Own Malibu Pink).

3. Using a dotting tool dab a few black specks around your pink dots to create leopard print.

4. Add a few more black dots (and pink ones, if needed) to fill in any gaps and create a sharp half moon outline.

  • Leopard Print Half Moon Black
  • Leopard Print Half Moon P

All you need now is a layer of top coat (Glisten & Glow HK Girl) and you’re ready to stare at your super bright nails whenever you need a pick me up! Here is another look at the finished design. What do you think? Do you like rocking bright colours in winter?

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  1. Jane Frome on Reply

    This would look fantastic with an all black outfit, and you can even change the colours but keep the groovy design. Neons work really well, and I never though I’d love the look of an acid yellow nail, but these work!

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