Nail Art Tutorial – Jumper Nails

The absolute staple of a winter wardrobe has to be a warm jumper. They come in so many colours and patterns and there’s no reason why they can’t feature on your nails this season. I personally like the look of sweaters that have delicate strands of gold or silver running through them. However to keep the tutorial quick and simple I opted for a holographic polish to add that bit of sparkle to the mix. The design can be achieved in 5 easy steps and here is what you will need to create it:

• Mint green nail polish
• Holographic green polish
• White polish
• Striping and detail brush
• Dotting tool
• Top coat


Step 1. Start with two layers of a mint green shade on your middle and index fingers. I used Maybelline Mint for Life. Apply a green holographic polish such as ‘Ard as Nails #Selfie on the rest of your nails.

Step 2. Using a detail brush and your holographic shade, create small v-shapes going down the middle of your nails in a straight line.

Step 3. Add another row of v-shapes on your index finger, this time pointing in the opposite direction. Using a striping brush, separate the pattern on your middle finger with a thin white line on both sides.


Step 4. Add another row of your pattern on the other side of your index finger. Using a dotting tool, apply a few dots down the sides of your middle finger.

Step 5. Wait a few minutes for your design to dry and apply 2 layers of top coat. I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl.


Let’s have another look at the finished design. I decided to go for greens but of course you can choose just about any colour you like. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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