Nail Art Tutorial – Galaxy Nails

In terms of that wow effect I find that nothing can beat a galaxy design! It looks intricate, it sparkles and it can be easily achieved using an item that’s in most of our cosmetic bags. The main thing you will need to create this design is your make up sponge! We will be using it to paint nebulas, interstellar clouds that burst with colours!

nail art tutorial tools

You will also need a striping brush, a blue, pink, white, light and darker purple polish and a holographic polish. The latter is optional but I encourage you to use it or substitute it for a glitter polish as you want your galaxy nails to sparkle!

step 1 step 2

1. Start with a layer of top coat followed by two layers of Rimmel Loafer Love for You.

2. Let’s start creating a nebula! Apply a little bit of white polish (Barry M Cotton) at the tip of your make up sponge and dab over your nails creating patchy looking, uneven lines.

TIP: It is quite essential for this design to make your lines appear patchy. The best way to achieve that is to dab the excess white polish away first before applying it on your nails.

step three step four

3. Grab a rich pink polish such as Seche Rendezvous and apply over the white lines using the method described in the previous step. Focus on the top of your lines and dab less polish as you get towards the end of your patches.

TIP: To make sure your sponge it’s doing its job, cut off the small tip covered in polish before using a new colour.

4. Cover the end bits of your white patches using Rimmel Lovey Dovey and your sponge.

step five step six tutorial

5. Apply a thin layer of a rich purple shade such as Barry M Sparkling Amethyst over your nebulas focusing on the top of your patches.

6. Cover all the remaining white polish using a blue holographic jelly polish (Danglefoot Polish I Have Nothing to Wear). This is optional as you can use the same blue as the background or leave it as it is. However I would urge you to apply a little bit of glitter or holographic polish as you want your galaxy nails to be sparkly!


7. Using a brush and an opaque white polish (Barry M Cotton) apply a few dots around your nails.

8. You can’t have galaxy nails without stars! Create a few using a striping brush and a white polish.

Galaxy Nails tutorial final

Now all that’s left to do is a layer of top coat and your galaxy nails are done! Don’t be scared to play around with colours to find out which ones work together best. To get an even deeper effect try using a black base. What do you think about my galaxy design? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

3 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial – Galaxy Nails

  1. Tanya Talons on Reply

    I love this! Great tutorial, I still have a few pairs of leggings like this from last summer exactly like this.

  2. Holly on Reply

    ^^ Yes I have galaxy leggings too!

    So I am thinking these are really on trend and there is at least another summer left in this type of design. Effective and unusual too.

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