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Nail Art Tutorial – Denim Nails

From season to season fashion changes, but there is one piece of your wardrobe that’s not going anywhere. I’m talking of course about a pair of great jeans!

There are many nail art techniques that can help you create the illusion of denim but I chose the simplest one: dry brush technique. All you have to do is wipe all the polish off your brush and apply whatever is left onto your nail in horizontal and vertical strokes. This method is very forgiving and you can repeat the process as much as you need to get the desired effect. I used it to create a distressed jeans design.

black polish effects

You can create this look in 6 easy steps. All you’ll need is 2 shades of blue, a gold and a white polish to create the base. I also added a few patches to my jeans so grab a few bright shades, a dotting tool, a striper and a detail brush. Let’s get started!

step 1 2

1. Apply a layer of base coat followed by two coats of OPI Rich Girls and Po-Boys.

2. Using the dry brush technique start creating a distressed look to your jeans. Simply remove the polish from the brush and apply a few strokes horizontally and vertically. I used Barry M Cotton.

step 3 4

3. Repeat the previous step using a light blue polish such as Orly Harmonious Mess.

4. Grab hold of your striping brush and draw a few gold seams on your denim. I used WetnWild Ready to Propose.

step 5 6

5. You can stop here and finish off with a top coat but I decided to add a few denim patches! I went for an emoticon smile face, a heart, lips and flowers. I used a selection of bright colours from the OPI New Orleans collection and a few tools such as a detail brush and a dotting tool.

6. If drawing small details is not your thing you can just add a few colourful studs and stars. Or you can do both! Just don’t forget to seal everything with a layer of top coat. I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl fast drying top coat.

final denim nail art

Here’s another look at the finished design. I love how vibrant and upbeat it is. Spring has barely arrived but I’m so ready for summer! What do you think about my distressed denim nails?

2 thoughts on “Nail Art Tutorial – Denim Nails

  1. Tanya Talons on Reply

    Awesome festival nails, very 90s rave! Loving the smiley faces, I can’t wait to try these nails out.

  2. Amy on Reply

    This is one of my favourites of your new designs, it is so cute and summery, and ideal for festivals and summer days in the park with friends.

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