Nail Art Tutorial – Autumn Floral

Like many nail enthusiasts I like to stick to colour hues that are currently in. I love rich, deep shades but sometimes it is nice to add a little something that makes your nails stand out. You might think that flowers are an unusual design to go for during autumn but rest assured, they are not reserved strictly for summer months! I have created an easy to follow, step by step tutorial for all you flower lovers out there to rock this season.

The only tool you will need to achieve this design is a dotting tool. Alternatively try a hair pin or a tooth pick! Don’t forget a rich red polish and a selection of autumn shades.

If you have all your essentials ready, let’s get started!

step one two

1. Start with a layer of your favourite base coat followed by two coats of a rich red polish such as Nails Inc Tate.

2. Using a medium sized dotting tool and a purple polish (Rimmel Lovey Dovey) make five dots to create a flower. Apply them down the middle of your ring and middle fingers and at the top of your index finger.


3. Using a grey polish such as Barry M Chai create a few more flowers. Apply them close to your purple ones along the middle of the ring and middle fingers. Don’t forget to place a flower on your index finger too!

4. Using a dark purple glitter shade such as Barry M Sparkling Amethyst fill in any gaps in your line of flowers. Add another flower at the top of your index finger.


5. Using the same three shades used so far, apply a few small flowers as desired.

TIP: To make the flowers smaller you can either use a smaller dotting tool or apply three dots instead of five!

6. All that is left to do now is to add black dots to create the middle of your flowers. Don’t forget a top coat! I applied two coats of HK Girl Glisten&Glow.

final floral pattern nail art design

Here is what the finished design looks like. I have to say I love how this floral manicure looks paired with autumn hues, especially over a rich red shade.

What do you think? Let me know by leaving your comments below!

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  1. Caroline M. on Reply

    I like how this is so versatile. I can see how easy it would be adapted for a spring and summer look – it would be interesting playing with the colour themes, such as pale greens, yellows, whites, pinks. It would also make a pretty bridal nail, or even bridesmaids.

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