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Nail Art Inspiration – 13 Examples of Amazing Nail Art

Body art has seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years – from tattoos to incredible piercings and even spectacular examples of nail art, we’re now faced with limitless possibilities of customisation when it comes to how we look and portray ourselves to others. Having amazing nails is of course not only a fashion statement, but can potentially be an artistic one too, so having the right eye can really help.

There are countless ways of making your nails stand out from the crowd, and in this post we are going to look at 13 incredible examples of nail art for your inspiration – some are out of this world, and some are amazingly effective but so basic you’ll be able to complete them at home in no time.

As always, sites like Pinterest are fantastic for nail art inspiration and are great for sharing ideas and tips to fellow nail art afficiandos!

Nail Art Inspiration – read on for amazing designs

The Aztec Look

nail art inspiration

Photo: Pinterest

Get a tribal, Aztec look with these colourful nails. This kind of design would be perfect for the warm spring and summer days!

Emerald Green


Photo: Pinterest /

Having one nail painting differently to the others, but still running a consistent theme throughout, is very classic and popular at the moment. This shade of green is beautiful and elegant, too.

Starry Nights



How about these starry night sky inspired nails – intricate, but with excellent results!

1960s Fever


Photo: Pinterest /

Psychedelic, 1960s themed colourful nails – amazing rainbow swirl nails using fantastic complimentary colours.

Abstract Nails


Photo: Pinterest /

Geometry is incredibly popular at the moment in the design world, and these triangle nails pay tribute to that with colourful abstract patterns.

Little Worlds


These amazing pieces of nail art were featured on The Stylist, and consist of small scenes devised and created by photographer Alice Bartell. Really inventive and fun, these intricate nails are some of the quaintest and most delicate nails you’re likely to see.

Spider Senses


Photo: Pinterest /

How about glow in the dark nails? These excellent glow in the dark spider nails are perfect for spooky nights out and late night events.

Greyscale Class


Photo: Pinterest

It has become very popular to use one tone or colour on your nails – and a range of different gradations to make up a distinctive look. In this example, a highly effective greyscale tone has been applied.

Jigsaw Puzzle



Jigsaw nail art is popular – the skill is in how highly intricate the painting is and the types of brushes and tools required. It does produce a fantastic, colourful look in the end, however.

Simple Paper Airplane


Photo: Cuded

Sometimes the more simple designs can be the best – like these beautifully created paper airplane nails. Even the choice of striking duck-egg blue is perfect…these are great nails and can be achieved easily.

Cartoon Characters


Photo: Cuded

Intricately painted character nails have become very popular in recent times – and these excellently painted cartoon Smurf nails are a great example. It may take time, but with cartoon nails such as this you’ll definitely make a statement.

Liquor Inspired Nails


Jack Daniels has always been cool, right? How about these nails – liquor inspired, they’re a fantastic take on alternative nail art.

By the Sea



These nautical themed nails follow a real trend at the moment for themed nails and a slightly shabby-chic coastal look. Great for weekends by the sea and lazy spring days.

There are a huge amount of resources online about nail art inspiration – and thousands of designs and tutorials to follow. There’s even a nail celebrity on Vine, visit this article on Buzzfeed for more information!

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  1. Ebony
    Ebony on Reply

    Nail art is definitely becoming more and more creative and demanding. From my experience of Nail spec, they definitely keep up with the latest trends! I entered a salon with boring, brittle nails, and left with treated and stylish leopard print nails. I felt like a new woman! The fact that the technicians are so attentive, creative and professional, will definitely keep me a loyal customer.

  2. Lauren on Reply

    These are so inspiring! They are like mini works of art and I can’t believe how detailed and intricate they are. I love the patterns and the geometrics, but the more elaborate nails would be fun for special events.

  3. Erika on Reply

    Love patterned nails and tribal nails! They are perfect for wearing with colorful outfits or adding a pop of color to basic black. I have an office dress code and my nails are where I get to show some creativity…. !

  4. Helena on Reply

    Found this page looking for halloween nail inspiration! The glow in the dark spider nails are perfect for what I’m looking for. I want all the others too!

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