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Must Have Nail Art Books

Books are a great place to start when seeking inspiration, improving your skills, learning new techniques or if you have simply forgotten something! Here is a guide to some wonderful books from a few nail industry greats, which can assist you with your needs as a budding Nail Technician.

Nail it

Nail It

Author: Sophie Harris-Greenslade (The Illustrated Nail)

Brought to you by one of London’s most fashion forward nail artists, this book provides a fundamental introduction to the essential practice of applying colour and various patterns on nails. The book then goes on to highlight the more complex task of carrying out special effects and designs that incorporate the use of jewels, charms and other 3D ornaments. Along with great advice for items to include in your kit for nail art, the book demonstrates a whopping 100 images of brilliant nail art designs for a closer look into how you can Nail it yourself! This book brings fashion to the forefront of nail art with inspiration from key catwalk trends.

The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls

Author: Sharmadean Reid

Author: Sharmadean Reid

From the founder of London’s most trendiest nail bar WAH Nails, this book could be just the nail art bible you’ve been looking for! Bringing old-school to new-school, it offers readers 25 cool designs for inspiration. Additionally, this book gives instructions for achieving a basic manicure, trendy designs and 3D nail art, along with tips for effective use of your nail kit and interviews and advice from London’s very own Downtown Girls!

Nail Candy

Author: Donne & Ginny Geer

Author: Donne Geer & Ginny Geer

This book offers great advice when it comes to caring for and treating the nails and cuticles. It includes techniques for shaping and creating over 50 styles of trendy manicures as well as advice for your essential purchases. With nail art inspired from Batman, polka dots and adorable animals, this book is the ideal guide to perfecting the modern trends of nail art.

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4 thoughts on “Must Have Nail Art Books

  1. Lauren on Reply

    Great list! These books look great, added to my wishlist now! It’s fun to follow these nail artists on Pinterest, but now I can learn their secrets! The ‘Nail It’ book is at the top of my list – 100 images of cool designs? I’ll never run out of ideas.

  2. Sara on Reply

    Thanks for this list! I have ‘Nail It’ but didn’t know about the others. It’s really useful to see what other people have done to get inspiration for nail art. I’m always a bit lost when a customer comes in and says “I just want something really cool – I trust you, you’re the expert.” I keep clippings from magazines with interesting nail art too.

  3. Rachel on Reply

    Nail It should be on the shelf of any aspiring nail artist for research and inspiration. Nail Candy looks like the next addition to my collection. Thanks!

  4. Tanya at Talons on Reply

    Oh wow I could easily spend a small fortune on nail art books! I love to go into the more arty trendy book shops off Covent Garden and have a browse. That Downtown Girls is one I’ve seen before, nails to die for in there!

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