Anna Goswami Nail Dresses

Incredible Dresses Made From Fake Nails

From a distance, one would assume that this eye-catching collection of dresses is made from lots of shiny flecks or sequins… Well you’d be rather surprised to find upon closer inspection that they are in fact created from thousands of fake nails!

Fashion graduate, Anna Goswami of Central Saint Martins designed these fantastic, pop-art themed dresses as part of her BA in fashion design this year, taking the meaning of Nailed It to another level!


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4 thoughts on “Incredible Dresses Made From Fake Nails

  1. Jennifer on Reply

    These are so fabulous! And I love how she styled them, super urban and cool. I wonder how heavy they are to wear? This should be a future Project Runway challenge…

  2. Kelsea on Reply

    These are really cool! Kind of luck those duck-tape prom dresses you sometimes see. I can’t imagine how long these would have taken to sew. They remind me of a dress I’ve seen (I think it was from the Oscars a long, long time ago) where a woman was wearing a dress made from gold credit cards. Very cool!

  3. Fresh Nails on Reply

    Wow, these dresses are amazing. I thought they were knitted dresses, and was like I want one! Really great bit of ‘nail art’ here!

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