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How to Build Better Client Relationships – 10 Quick Tips

Sam Walton, the late founder of Walmart rightly said that “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

This proves every bit of importance of the term ‘Building Better Client Relationships.’ In this competitive world where everyone is in a rush to surpass industry rivals, the clients needs are a big deal. You cannot even imagine building a company or organisation without having potential clients. Similar is the case with Nail Professionals.

So here are some useful quick tips to guide you on how to build better client relationships as a Nail Professional.

1. Quality assurance:

In any business, especially those that are associated with aesthetics, the quality of the treatment and service is the factor that appeals most to a client. Consistently providing a strong measure of quality will naturally enhance your profile as a Nail Technician and minimise any potential complaints or negative word of mouth.

Quality assurance warrants genuine customer care as a priority, and should not be compromised by any circumstantial influences. Clients want quality to be apparent, so getting this across could be the beginning of a long-term relationship. Equally, any client relationship can be damaged without it.

2. Honesty is the best policy:

Yes, the proverb has all the integrity in its self-explanatory meaning. Honesty is the key to success in every relationship because it helps to build trust and loyalty. In return, customers may reflect your honest approach and discuss their experiences and treatment preferences. This is an opportunity to gather customer feedback, to improve your service and to gain first hand perceptive of what it takes to continuously satisfy your client.

3. Communicate effectively:

For a forthright and honest relationship with your client, you should communicate through the most appropriate method according to them and at the time stated and agreed.

Clearly communicate your periods of absence such as annual leave and introduce them to your fellow Nail Technician colleague that will be available to them in your absence. Include relevant information such as your opening hours for the client’s convenience.

Communicating effectively with your client also means picking up on other treatments that could be beneficial to them and offering it as an add-on. Provide alternatives where necessary. Try to arrange future appointments at the end of their visit and always stay one step ahead of your clients’ next question.

4. Stand by your word:

Ensure that where you have made a commitment with your client you do whatever it takes to fulfill it with complete dedication. Falling short on promises can certainly incur a setback in your relations with clients.

Keeping to appointment times is key but from time to time this may occur. Be sure to give a sincere apology for any periods of wait or delays in seeing to the client.

5. Be flexible:

Although you have policies and regulations to adhere to, being a little flexible with the needs of a client will take you a long way. If the client wants to make changes or wants to test a treatment, be flexible enough to meet these needs. Adaptability is a great step towards achieving and maintaining long-term client relationships.

6. Seek feedback:

Actively seeking the client’s feedback, taking criticism positively, and learning from your mistakes offers you an opportunity of growth as a professional and creates healthy relations with your clients.

7. Do your homework:

Do your research on the latest nail trends, products and treatments so that your service remains competitive. Update your service list accordingly. Communicating new treatments can sustain client attention, interest potential clients and delight your more experimental client base. This will raise your profile as a Nail Professional who is modern and up-to-speed with the activities within the market.

8. Offer comfort:

Always ask yourself what else you can do to make your clients more comfortable. Customers who are comfortable are likely to want to stay within the bounds of relaxation for as long as possible. You should want to make them feel spoilt and to reassure them they have come to the right place. However, this takes some initiative, as what is considered comfortable can be unique to each individual client. Play the appropriate music, offer hot/ cold beverages and small snacks, cushions and magazines. After all, the more you make a client feel at home with you, the better the outcome would be.

9. Proper salutation:

There are some clients who are particular to the way you greet them. Whether they prefer a formal approach using their surname, or more casually by using only their first name or nickname, refer to them in the way that they introduce themselves. This may also set the tone on the kind of relationship your client wants with you so that you can offer exactly that.

10. Unique touch/ something extra:

Go the extra mile by always being at the giving end with the client. Provide advice or knowledge that could be in the client’s best interests, in addition to the services the client has asked for.

You could offer loyalty cards, incentives or something unique to your business to ensure each client is provided with a visit that is highly beneficial as well as memorable, because ultimately the goal is to encourage clients to return to you.

I hope you have found this article to be useful. Share your comments below to discuss the techniques you use to improve relationships with clients.

3 thoughts on “How to Build Better Client Relationships – 10 Quick Tips

  1. Myrnel on Reply

    Great article. There are far too many businesses who neglect to offer even a basic level of customer service these days. Those that make the effort to build client relationships are distinctive and therefore the ones I remember and return to.

  2. Alla on Reply

    Excellent customer service tips for any industry, but thank you especially for the specific examples for nail techs. Any beauty service provider needs a loyal, dedicated client base and client relationships are key!

  3. sarah on Reply

    Love this tip: Refer to people the way they introduce themselves to you. What a good idea, gives you the quick signal you need to know whether clients prefer a friendly or formal relationship. Thanks for great tips!

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