Five questions to ask during your job interview

Five Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

You’ve confidently answered all questions and you’re nearing the end of your job interview when the interviewer asks you, “Do you have any questions for me?’ Are you prepared for this moment? If not, here’s why you should be!

Yes you want to certify to the potential employer that your qualifications or experience make you suitable for the position and of course you want to apprehend whether the position is right for you or not but asking the right questions at this time can help you achieve two key things. Firstly, to diminish any reservations the employer has about you and secondly, to prove how interested you are in the position.

When you look at it like this of course there are plenty of questions that can be asked but it’s important to prepare up to five so that if any you’ve noted is discussed during the course of the interview, you still have at least two or three to ask.

Top Five Questions

  1. What do you like about working here?

You can use this question to connect with the interviewer on a personal level, showing your interest in their feelings and opinions. You can also gain perspective on how happy employees are with their jobs in the company. A hesitant answer could be a negative sign.

  1. How would you describe the team I’ll be working with?

This question is expressed as an assumption that the job is yours. It’s positive and confident, and shows that you are perhaps considering the team dynamics and the role that you can contribute. The answer is useful, as it will provide insight to what could be your daily working environment.

  1. Is there opportunity for ongoing professional training?

In asking this question you demonstrate to the interviewer that you are interested in increasing your knowledge and overall, wanting to grow with the employer.

  1. What comprises success in this position and company?

Asking this question shows that you are interested in becoming successful and in bringing success to the business. The answer will confirm exactly what you have to do to meet the requirements of the position and this will let you know if its ideal for you.

  1. What is the following stage of this process?

This can be considered one of the most crucial questions to ask as it highlights your interest in continuing in the process and the answer could give you an idea on how many candidates you’re up against. Hopefully and with much luck, there in no stage to follow and you get the job!

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3 thoughts on “Five Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

  1. Rose on Reply

    I’ve never known what to ask during job interviews and always overthink my answer. You’ve detailed some excellent questions here – you could learn a lot about a potential employer from these! These also subtly position you as a proactive candidate. I’ll be using these questions next time I need them.

  2. Catalina on Reply

    I like these questions. In a job interview, it always ends with ‘do you have any questions?’ and I rarely know what to say! But it feels like it looks unprofessional if I don’t ask anything – I’m going to practice this list so I remember it.

  3. Sara on Reply

    I really could have used this a few weeks ago – I had an interview at a new salon (I got the job, so all is well, but this would have been handy.) I’ll be bookmarking this for the future. It’s also a good idea, if you get the chance, to chat with someone who already works there to see what the culture is like. I got to do that when my new boss (who was interviewing me) had to leave for a bit to answer a phone call and it made me feel a lot better about switching to the new salon.

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