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Extreme 3D Nail Art

Unlike the more practical nail art offered in your average nail bar and salon, 3D nail art can be as crazy, fun and extreme as you like!

We have some interesting and inspiring examples of extreme 3D nail art designs from the sensational glitter and glam queen, Lhouraii Li that will be sure to blow you away!

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  • zebrachains
  • DSC06955
  • 23563
  • 17DSC00266
  • DSC06574
  • gothnail2
  • 61r2DSC00118
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 18.01.48

4 thoughts on “Extreme 3D Nail Art

  1. Yasmin on Reply

    Love love love nail spec….lovely girls will recommend to a friend. Staff are really friendly and cater to your needs…

  2. Ebony
    Ebony on Reply

    Love the diversity and creativeness of all the nail spec employees! Always keeping up with trends and demands which is so important…keep up the good work!

  3. Lana on Reply

    So artistic and inspiring! Never thought of taking nail art to this level before. Lhouraii Li is totally the glitter queen. Keep posting images for inspiration on the blog, I love seeing the extremes of nail art.

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