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5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search

Looking for your perfect job, or just any job, can be a lengthy process, and it can be difficult to maintain your enthusiasm and positivity. Due to the many steps you must go through before you actually get a job, such as creating a CV, filling in forms, attending interviews, and so on, it can be easy to run out of steam after your first lot of rejections.

Whether you are applying for minimum wage jobs, or looking to step up another rung of your career ladder doesn’t matter, these five tips will help you stay upbeat and focused in your job search.

1. Remember that you are in control

It is important to remember that you are the one in the driving seat throughout your own job search. At times it might feel like you are getting nowhere and things are not within your own control, but you should remind yourself that you are the only one in charge of your mission. When you feel as if you are losing control, it is a good time to take a step back and reassess your progress so far. Is there any skills that you could improve on? Does your CV or cover letter need reworking? You can ask a friend or relative with experience to give you their opinion.

2. Stand out amongst other job seekers

Most job openings have numerous applicants sending in their CV or application form, some in the hundreds. What can you do in order to stand out from the crowd in such a competitive situation? Making your cover letter or opening statement a little bit different can help set you apart, make it specific as to why you are suited to the position rather than the generic text that most people will put on it.

3. Make regular changes

It is vital to continue to revise and improve your CV, your interview techniques, and your whole approach. Look for things you can improve on and tailor it to your needs. Make regular changes to your job search approach, for example if it is getting you down just getting up and going straight on the computer, start your day by getting out, visit the job centre, knock on a few doors and see if there is anything new that has come up since you last looked. Making regular changes to your routine will keep things from getting stale.

4. Set new goals for yourself

Goal setting will keep you motivated, however be sure to set them small, graduating slowly, so that you are meeting your targets as opposed to falling short. By setting new goals each day and week, no matter how small, you will get motivation and accomplishment from meeting them. Goals can be things like – send ten job applications, phone five companies, and talk to two possible employers this week.

5. Be confident that you will succeed

Whether it takes you one month or six months, with positivity and persistence, you will find a job. Take pride in your CV and what you have to offer an employer, everyone’s individual personality brings something different to a workforce and so always remember to be yourself and believe in your unique abilities.

Despite the reported numbers of unemployed people looking for work, there are vast numbers of job openings throughout the country. By keeping yourself motivated and your mind focused on your job seeking strategy, you can be sure to find the right job for you.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search

  1. Danielle on Reply

    Very sound advice, cheers girls, I have been looking for somewhere to set up since the salon I worked in closed 3 months ago, it hasn’t been easy, but I have good skills and so just need to keep the faith, I know I will get there in the end!

  2. Tanya at Talons on Reply

    I’d just like to put on here, for any girls (or boys) looking for nail technician jobs, going self-employed is really easy. With a good case too, it is even a viable mobile business without your own car. Being self-employed is good not only while you are looking for employment (if that is your preference), but you can then combine it with a job too. Something to think about.

  3. Jen on Reply

    I found this article really helpful, I had temporary work over Christmas but am now looking again! Nice site by the way, gives me lots of ideas :)

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