Nail Your Job Interview

10 Tips to Nail Your Job Interview

Well, well, well. You have finally managed to get through the rigorous process of waiting for your best opportunity, going through the process of application and getting shortlisted for the interview. So, now you are here, just a few days away from your interview and possibly till you get that dream job.

A job interview is usually the one last hurdle to reach the finish line. Thinking about an interview, it is common to see candidates overcome with nerves, fidgeting, and getting panic attacks. However, practicing a few good tricks and knowing some ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of a good interview can put your name up top. And that’s why I’m giving away 10 useful tips and ‘must-knows’ before your interview. So let’s get started:

1. Research:

Dig in! Gather all relevant knowledge about the company including its performance, achievements and aims of the future. Also seek how this information best suits your abilities and qualification. A well research job description can literally take you half way through the interview.

2. Review your CV:

Qualifications, experience and skills are often asked in the interview, you should know what you have mentioned in your CV so that you can answer questions at ease should the conversation be directed at this.

3. Punctuality:

This is THE most important thing. Schedule your arrival time 15 to 30 minutes before your interview time, you don’t want to inconvenience an interviewer who has dozens of other important things to do, time is money for them.

4. Appropriate clothing:

The right clothing depicts a great deal of aesthetic sense and self-discipline of an individual, so include this in your research. What do the existing employees of this company wear? Try to dress yourself in line with this.

5. Positivity:

Take a deep breathe and believe in yourself, that you have all it takes to get through the interview and that you are the right candidate for the job.

6. Personal experience:

Go into detail of your triumphs, goals that you have accomplished, your strong zones, if there had been any difficult situation and how you managed to tackle it. Often the questions asked are theoretical so try to stay as near to demonstrating your abilities through real life experiences.

7. Emphasise your strengths:

Know what it is in you that makes you stand out amongst all the applicants of similar qualification and skills. Your extra ability, which outshines everyone. This is the most and amongst the singularly important questions that your interviewer will be interested to know.

8. Be honest:

Look the interviewer in the eye and answer truthfully and confidently, that’s the key to building this possible new relationship. Try not to look away during conversation, engage and be open.

9. Listen carefully:

Never ever talk over or cut off an interviewers question or conversation. Listen carefully to the question being asked and then answer accordingly. Do not be afraid to ask them to repeat or to expand on a question should you be unclear, this will help you to answer the question in the way that is pleasing to the interviewer.

10. Show interest:

Inquisitivity is one of the signs that you are interested to know about the company and eager to work, when they ask if there is anything you want to know. Have at least two questions ready as this leaves a positive impact on the interviewer and clears your mind about anything you are unsure of.

So, this is all about the key tips that you must practice before going to an interview as going in unprepared it unlikely to get you far. However, Nail Spec is here to help you and have a token of extra knowledge that may help you along your way. Maintain a good body language and posture, your expressions says a lot about your mindset and you surely want to look confident and enthusiastic and not at all nervous. All hail, good luck to you!

3 thoughts on “10 Tips to Nail Your Job Interview

  1. Zeta on Reply

    It’s funny because despite how much I think I know all of these things, I can never hear them enough. Great reminders. Great article. Thank you!!

  2. Alice on Reply

    Good reminders! I also think punctuality is super important – sometimes I will drive to the interview location the day before, just so I can be sure I don’t get lost on the big day!!

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